Seattle is a city like any other, it has its sky scrapers, tourist’s attractions, seedy neighborhoods and a booming nightlife, but no two cities are the same and Seattle is no exception. Beneath and hidden around the typical large city facade, major players poke and prod in an eternal game of chess. Always playing for power and authority, these masters of the board all too often catch innocents in the crossfire, or worse, put them there as pawns. Beneath those of power are a collection of individuals playing their own hands. Only the foolish would assume that these smaller parties are below note, for in a house of cards simple vibrations can cause massive collapse, and in truth all “masters” are truly organizations of individuals. Everyone has their own objectives, ideals and ambitions, and they all have their own methods of seeing them out.

SoulS of Seattle is the story of these people; part of a large group or caught in the middle alone, they turn and struggle against one another or find friendship in unlikely places. Everyone is a player, whether they want to be or not and this is their story, the story of the SoulS of Seattle.

At current, the invisible eye of the city has its gaze focused on the faction of:

House Demus –
A powerful formerly fallen house of white court vampires. Lead by Lady Sylvia and her 6 daughters. For them it is a time of reckoning, a time for comeuppance and, perhaps, a time for revenge. This house is not as stable as its inhabitants would like it to seem and the fractures in it may crumble it before its multi-century plans can see fruition.

Surrounding House Demus are criminal organizations, powerful denizens of lore and ghosts of the past. Who can say which, if any of these, may in the end spell doom for the crumbling house, looking to lash out in a bout for power and control.

And the eye’s sight sets upon a few unique souls, whose own agendas and fates have yet to be revealed. Among them are:

Maddison Avery -
A long time beat cop were-magpie and now junior detective, rapidly thrust into the position of detective a year ahead of schedule. Avery can only guess at the nature of fortuitous promotion. Now on the trail of the mysterious “Child Lurker” Maddison’s eyes have begun to open to the true horrors of the world and her place in it.

Jean Thomas -
A man with a fascination with watches and time, whose history is obscured, even from himself. He has recently settled in Seattle and already the cities gaping maw has begun to draw him in. He has displayed an unusual talent, as he found a young woman horribly injured and in an instant healed her, but at what cost? What’s worse, this woman would turn out to be Raya Demus, wetworks girl of House Demus.

Alita Drake -
An emissary of the Unseelie Accords and a graceful courier between court parties has found herself mixed up in something larger than her. Attacked by a stone scaled assailant, Alita the were-lynx messenger has been broken and left for dead in an ally and her current delivery to House Demus has been stolen. Now she must find her way to her feet and track down the missing package or else it’s her reputation and maybe her very life on the line.

Cerin Hob -
A hob sidhe of over 300 years has in his heart and body felt a change, but these changes are not the same. Cerin on one hand raises to status among his peers as he ascends into a sidhe and on the other is thrust into chaos as he finds he can no longer live with the malice his life and kind bring. Who can say what has prompted these changes but in an effort of redemption for the hundreds of lives he’s ended, Cerin has taken to becoming Seattle’s guardian angel. Protecting people from harm with a focus on children. It will not be long before the darker inhabitants of the city become disgruntled with Cerin’s efforts and he will soon be pitted against them. Could his own family be the ones who retaliate?

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SoulS of Seattle is proudly presented to you by The Theatrical Role-Players Society with Storyteller Brandon Simmons, Co-Storyteller Vikki LaFleur and Players Eileen Stefansky and John Thomas.

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Note at this time SoulS of Seattle is still ongoing and we are writing character journals and recording sessions but all of the information is going to be withheld until season 1 is complete. Then we will begin doing weekly releases. This helps ensure there are not gaps in releases, especially as we enter into the holidays.

SoulS of Seattle

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