SoulS of Seattle

OOC About the dates


About the dates in the SoulS continuity:
The SoulS continuity is a massive ever expanding continuity set in the Dresden verse. It all began with SoulS of Chicago and now has many additions, to include: Chicago, Baltimore, Seattle, of the North and Ever-After [working title] with even a few minor spin offs from there. Because the original date of the first events was never written in stone [for many reasons] it’s difficult to determine the exact dates of the events that follow. Especially when you’re talking about another part of the continuity, such as Seattle. To make dates somewhat malleable and yet logical to follow; SoulS of Seattle will be using its own record system, abbreviated to SR, meaning Seattle Record. While it is that the overall continuity is on its 3rd year, Seattle is on its first. The events recorded in the first night of the first session will be placed as; Year one, day 1 SR. Someday, when we go back and better organize the existing dates, SR will be changed to CR to mean Chicago reckoning but for now, they can serve as an organized point of reference for the passing of time.



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