Alita Drake

Contacts 1
Alita Drake, long limbed and willowy, no matter the weather, she typically wears a short strapless sundress and sandals that manage to look perfectly in their element even in formal settings. Lightly tanned skin and chopped tawny-brown curls that fades to black partway down the strands. Her body and face speak of youth while her expression and bearing speak of maturity and professionalism, leaving many to wonder if she ever heard of the term ‘casual’. She can always be found with an odd-looking black backpack. She spends most of her time at the Midnight Café.

Contacts 2
Alita runs an independent courier service and seems to do good business, in spite her youth, she seems to deal with high-profile clients, rumor has it that she has never failed to deliver a package. She conducts her business in the Midnight café and is usually found at the same booth as Marlon. The courier and the informant making great use of each-others business, though the two seem to regard each other with nothing more than professionalism.

Contacts 3
There was bad blood Between House Demus and Alita. Something Alita interrupted and Sylvia Demus had called for her life. Marlon, apparently got Alita out of it, though it’s rumored she owes him a massive amount of debt for the help. Those “In the Know” are aware that she got herself the status of ‘Emissary of the Unseelie Court’ a status that has made her untouchable to Lady Demus, much to the matriarch’s displeasure. Alita uses her status to deliver messages and packages to various powerful peoples, supernatural and vanilla.

Alita is a warelynx, her alternate form has the markings of an Iberian Lynx, though her tail is long instead of stubbed, and she is far larger than any of the lynx family of cats, more the size of a small mountain lion. It’s in her Lynx form that she makes most, if not all, of her deliveries.

Alita Drake

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