Contacts 1
Amelia is the 2nd oldest daughter of Demus. Amelia dresses in Lolita fashion and other ornate beautiful flowing outfits. Prim and proper Amelia is the 1800’s ideal woman. In modern times she strikes many as something that walked off the pages of a manga.

Contacts 2
Amelia is off putting and possibly insane or possibly poses as such. Amelia seems to run very little of the Demus household and spends much of her time in seclusion. She can most commonly be found in public at club dread.

Contacts 3
Amelia spends much of her time with Raya when she is in public. Raya flocks to her like an insane pet which Amelia adores with subdued but genuine warmth.

It is rumored that Amelia has a habit of eating people alive, drawing out their death as long as possible.


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