Club Dread

Club Dread appears to be made out of an old mental hospital. With Soft round tile walls and a black and white hard tile floor now glossed to a perfect sheen. Sitting in the open spaces and on small stages around the club are old cobweb covered asylum devices such as restraints, operating tables and electric shock therapy sets. By each one is a plaque telling its history noting how many it was used on and if any one died in them. Along the walls are old news papers containing clipping about the club. Hanging from an occasional rusty cage are sexy go-go dancers wearing horror themed outfits or full on costumes.

Scholarship 1
Club Dread is a hot club on Capitol Hill. Its built out of an old mental hospital. Its designed with scary motifs and has a haunting sound. The scary motifs are less cheese more unsettling horror.

Scholarship 2
Club goers enjoy Club Dreads terror themes as it provides a perfect excuse to get close to one another in moments of “Horror”.

Scholarship 3
Club Dread is owned by Sylvia Demus and is frequently run by her daughters. Some times called The Daughters of Demus. Likely a wicked club name to make them sound awesome. Club Dread has had a few accidents and sometimes people get bad hangovers or have trouble getting up the next day. Likely because of their very powerful drinks.

Club Dread

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