Fae Lore

Scholarship 1
Faeries, or the Fae are otherworldly creatures with wings and supernatural beauty.

Lore 1
Faeries are a group of magical beings, residing in the Nevernever, specifically the land Faerie, and in our world.

They cannot, knowingly, lie.

As part of their magic, they can use glamour to change their appearance.
The concept of a debt and obligation is a huge factor in how they behave.
Faeries will try to entrap mortals with bargains and deals. They offer things to get the mortal to trade. It’s built into their nature.

Words, promises, and oaths are binding to the faeries.

The faeries are grouped in two great political entities, the Faerie Courts; Summer, and Winter.

Lore 2
Fae nobility, comprising the most powerful of them, is known as the Sidhe. The Sidhe are the aristocracy of Faerie.

DON’T call the Sidhe Faeries, they don’t like it anymore than humans like being called “Ape”.
The Fae are a very heterogeneous group, as there are many different kinds of faerie. Some of them are humanoid in their form, some like animals, and others like various monsters.
While they cannot, knowingly, lie, giving true information that leads the asker to a wrong conclusion is SOP.

They’ll use their beauty to put a mortal off balance.

It is generally tricky and dangerous to ask the Sidhe direct questions and without direct answers. They are, however, “fanatical gatherers of information and guard their information as ferociously as a dragon guards his gold”.

They have to make good on their own promises, but they also make sure that an involved mortal does the same.

Both Courts have their own territories in the land Faerie within the Nevernever.

Lore 3
Among the faerie, Sidhe is a state of being that is somewhat political and somewhat biological. A Sidhe has all of the abilities of its faerie type, raised to greater heights of power.

Faeries vulnerability to cold iron includes most forms of steel [chain link fence].

The fae have no physical form, their bodies are composed of ectoplasym, the unreal material that makes up the never-never.

Thrice and Done, A promise thrice made is as close to absolute truth as a faerie can give. Asking a question three times creates a binding in which the third answer is the truth.

The Fae are unable to give anything away for free. Never take anything without giving something of equal value in return. Never give a favor without getting one in kind. They find anything other than an equal exchange to be either enticing or insulting.

The Fae have to make good on their own promises, but they also make sure that an involved mortal does the same. Combined with their way around words, they can often snare an unsuspecting mortal with a bargain or even an accidental promise.

Speaking the name of a Fae will grab their attention.

Fae Lore

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