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To make navigation of the wiki the main wiki page easy, is an organized list of all wiki pages. Feel free to browse around.

All pages use the following skills: Contacts, Scholarship and Lore. They also give a number for competency in the required skill. Each page goes to 3 anything higher than that is out of the reach of the players. You may presume your character knows any of the information listed under the skills as long as they have equal or higher ranks.

I.E. if you have a Lore of 2 then anything listed as “Lore 1” or “Lore 2” your character knows. “Lore 3” however is out of their reach. As always they can investigate it in game and even make a roll hoping for a higher roll than they have standardly available to them. Most things have information about them higher than Lore 3 but such information must be acquired in game.

In general:

Contacts tells about People.
Scholarship tells about locations and mundane information.
Lore tells about creatures and organizations.

I.E. you can learn about White Court Vampires under Lore or you can Learn about Sylvia Demus under Contacts.

Master character pages
a list of pages that have links to every thing connected to one character such as their: character journals, contacts page and character page
Alita Drake master page
Cerin Hob master page
Jean Thoma master page
Maddison Avery master page

House Rules for the SoulS Continuity

Fae Lore
The Power of Seattle

Club Dread
Midnight Cafe

The Suquamish tribe
The Scarlet Coven
The Council of 7 local (White Council)
The Daughters of Demus (Local White Court)
The Council of the Dragon (unknown)

Alita Drake
Cerin Hob
Jean Thomas
Madison Avery
The Weeping Lady

The Daughters of Demus [character pages]

Adventure Log
Marlon’s Journal

Character Journals
Alita’s Journal
Cerin’s Journal
Jean’s Journal
Madison’s Journal

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