Marlon Will be a major character in SoulS of Chicago. His personality makes him an ideal comrade for player characters. He is in a way a back-up character. Rezif will spend a lot of time in his lab and on turns that he needs to do that I’ll use the time to give Marlon NPC scenes tracking down requested information for players. Sadly Marlon didn’t have enough motivation to be my main character and was too concerned about his own skin. He was however my original choice.

Contacts 1
Their is a good informant in town, he has reasonable prices. His name is Marlon

Contacts 2
A freelance informant. He has a very professional, couth attitude.
Marlon Frequents the Midnight Cafe most of all places but can be found at other supernatural hot spots such as Club Dread.

Contacts 3
Marlon has a set of rules that are well known.

“Rule 1.
Never insult, assault, badger or disrespect me.

Rule 2.
Any and all information I see or hear is fair game. No exceptions

Rule 3.
I will withhold information you want to keep hidden from any and all parties if you pay me but only up to the amount that you paid. If I am withholding information I will not advertise it and if asked I will say “I’m not at liberty to say”. If they are clever or alert enough to figure that out then they can start bidding. All money bid is deposited to me whether or not they overtake the required amount for the information. In addition I will never disclose the amount of money paid to me to withhold the information. No exceptions, so don’t even ask
The second 2 rules only I can break. The first one however is a no fly zone. You go there once, You will be shot down. This is your only warning. "


It is unknown if Marlon is human or not.


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