Midnight Cafe

Scholarship 1
Accorded neutral ground with a mellow modern and jazz music background. Often a live band and more than one musical talent of a supernatural nature has performed here. The sight is revered for a regular band who loll customers into a deep relaxation with their enchanting voices and ancient yet modern sound. They are called Serenus.

The decor is of an ornately carved ceiling which lets up into a vaulted top filled with soft golden light subtlety placed against mellow mocha grunge painted walls. The walls are adorned with wooden frames and detail stained to a dark chestnut. It has long plush deep red studded padding couches and thigh height tables conveniently set against them. In the center of the club is its social hub. A large circular couch which matches the others, crescents around a beautifully carved and stained wooden table. It opens at one end which directly faces the stage and has a few gaps else where in its curve to make entering and exiting easy.

Scholarship 2
The midnight cafe is a known spot for quiet deals to take place both legit and otherwise. It has private rooms for its high end guests and for rent. It is also said to have a very good informant.

Scholarship 3
Marlon is the name of the informant that can be found here. He is not always here but he frequents it often enough.

Midnight Cafe

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