Contacts 1
Raya Demus is the 3rd oldest of the daughters. She tends to dress well below her families wealth with loose fitting white T-shirts and no bra. Her shirts are often stained with what looks like old blood, and a lot of it. Her pants are always loose and boyish, generally brown and also sport an occasional stain that looks like blood. Because she spends much of her time at Club Dread little attention is paid to Raya’s unusual clothing.

Contacts 2
Raya is generally perceived as completely insane. She has been in more than one fight at Club Dread and tends to dance on the floor for hours at a time like a manic. Her blatant disrespect for her mother is well noted. Generally she will give childish sneers or simply talk poorly of her freely. Raya’s personality is generally devil-may-care and haphazard. She has in her eyes the look of a lunatic whose on a killing spree and she speaks with a calm razor-like purr to her voice.

Raya openly claims to anyone that has talked to her for over an hour that she enjoys strangling people with their own viscera.

Raya can often be found with Amelia or alone. She practically lives at Club Dread.

Contacts 3
Lady Sylvia despises Raya and is embarrassed of her. She has made it subtlety clear that she will do little to the person responsible for Raya’s death and will easily accept a small were-guild. Amelia and Marla however have made it clear that in no uncertain terms someone responsible for harming any Daughter of Demus, especially Raya, will die a slow and terrible death.

Raya is usually used as the operative of House Demus and she is sent on any violent or dangerous errands the house may have. She has all to often been sent on near suicide missions by Lady Demus only to return relatively unscathed.

Of all the daughters Raya is the only daughter to have ever seen the inside of a jail cell. She has gone many times for public: Fighting, inebriated and various other juvenile crimes but she has recently been to jail as a suspect in a murder investigation. Much closer to serious legal repercussions than any other daughter.

Raya’s claims of murder and visciera strangulation are very likely to be true.

Raya loves the company of her older sister Amelia, especially since she is the only Daughter of Demus that will spend any time with Raya. They can often be found at Club Dread together. Raya has even convinced Amelia to get onto the dance floor, though Amelia did little more than wave her dress pulling on it gently with her hands.


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