Contacts 1
Rezif is a wizard new in town. He goes to a lot of social gatherings and has proven to be quite well spoken.

Contacts 2
Rezif is a Unseelie Accord Signatory and has claimed something called the Chromatic Court. He has an open invite to all Wizards, Minor Talents which he calls Numina and basically any other being.

Contacts 3
In order to join the Chromatic Court one must approach Rezif and request to be recognized. If they are recognized as a member of the Chromatic Court then they are officially expected to uphold the laws of the Unseelie Accords but it also affords them some level of protection against other Unseelie Accord Signatories such as the vampire courts and The White Council. In the process of creating the Chromatic Court Rezif has made enemies with The Red Court as he stands to defend their favorite snacks.

Rezif is not known to be a particularly good wizard. He has never shown his capabilities in magic beyond a few parlor tricks at social gatherings as entertainment.


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