Contacts 1
Tessa is the 4th oldest of the Daughters of Demus. She tends to wear slinky dresses with long cuts up the sides and exceedingly low backs. She wears her platinum blonde hair up in beautiful flowing curls which dangle down around her face and neck.

Contacts 2
Tessa is a writer for The Sovereign Herald and the primary bartender at Club Dread when she is not away on journalism.

Contacts 3
Tessa is sexy and flirty, confident and powerful in personality. She is known for her skill as a well coordinated bartender tossing and twirling bottles with grace and precision. She is also knowledgeable about even the most obscure drinks.

Her journalism is a balance between flirty with her monthly “mortals in the know” article and daring with her bold investigative journalism. She’s irked more than a few with her unexpected slap-in-the-face revealing articles.


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