The Power of Seattle

Some locations can have innate power in them which has a variety of uses. Seattle just might be such a location.

Each item below has a lore and a scholarship associated with it. This is because you need the scholarship to simply be aware of their existence and you need the lore to understand their value. Alternatively you can research Seattle’s landscape for places of power in game if you have a lore to suggest that you would understand such things.

Lore 1 + Scholarship 1
Seattle is atop seven hills. Seven is a magical number. There is likely some power in this.

OOC Note: We know that Seattle actually has 12 hills but they claimed to have 7 and so we are saying that Seattle has 7 hills of Power and lesser hills which don’t factor in.

Lore 2 + Scholarship 2
Seattle is surrounded by mountains, large bodies of running water and powerful storms.

Lore 3 + Scholarship 3
Mountains are of the power of the earth and symbolizes strength.

The water though limited in what power could be drawn can support water based spells. Water also has symbology attached to it: Such as the disruption of mystical energies and healing.

Storms are a source of raw powerful magical energy and are not necessarily focused on any one element though they do support Air quite well.

The Power of Seattle

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