The Scarlet Coven

Lore 1
Aswang are a Filipino monster of some kind. They drink blood or something like that.

Lore 2
Aswang are unseelie accord signatories. They are like the Filipino vampire. In legends they are primarily female. They prefer to feed on pregnant women. They eat organs, blood and mucus.

Lore 3
There are 3 kinds Aswang: Mandurugo, manananggal and Penanggalan. Some of the Aswang leave parts of their body behind when they take their alternate forms. They can only take their monstrous forms at night. They can be repelled by or are damaged by: Garlic, salt and religious artifacts. They also cannot enter consecrated grounds. Aswang do not harm their neighbors, instead they travel a large distance to prey.

Contacts 2
They are from the Philippines, brought here by the trade routes and to ensure trade

Contacts 3
The Local Court has 7 Practicing members and 1 young girl who has yet to learn what she is.

The Scarlet Coven

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