The Suquamish tribe


Scholarship 1:
Though not actually based in Seattle the Suquamish tribe is located nearby at the Port Madison Reservation. It has a cultural hub however located in Seattle: The Daybreak Star Center. The Suquamish tribe has a lengthy history with the settlers of Seattle and their descendants. Much of it, is not so good. Even still the two manage to co-exist somewhat peacefully.

Lore 1:
It is rumored that the Suquamish have a small sect of warriors most in their youth who battle a variety of ancient creatures of darkness. Creatures from the mythos of native American lore. Although the Suquamish and the people of Seattle do not always see eye to eye, these young warriors secretly defend them. Risking their very lives.

Lore 2:
Some of the young warriors have unique gifts. Likely Spirits or Shape shifting powers. The monsters they fight include ogres, Some kind of serpent things and more obscure creatures.

Lore 3:
The young warriors possess powers like: Spirit Bindings, Shape-shifting and Shamanism. They fight and protect the area from terrible creatures such as: lofa, stoneclad, skadegamutc, wendigo and even an occasional skin walker. Though they are defenders many of the young warriors are at least some what bitter about the harsh history between their people and the modern Americans.

The Daybreak Star Center

The Port Madison Reservation

For more reading on real world history [from the view point of the Suquamish] Visit here.

The Suquamish tribe

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